No way (you think) I don’t have parasites!  I live in the U.S., I am a sophisticated person and practice good hygiene.  Well that is what I thought – and it took me many years and lots of research to figure out that parasites were destroying my family’s health. It is an illusion to think that parasites do not affect Americans!!


Why would it be so hard to figure this out?  One reason is that most MD’s will only consider parasites if you have recently been out of the country. The second reason is the standard method of testing for parasites is quite frankly useless. My entire family had stool samples done to test for parasites – they all came back negative even though we were all loaded with them.  My experience has taught me that in general the medical community is ignorant to the devastating effects parasites have on health – and that they are an overlooked factor in chronic illness. Addressing parasites was a game changer for my family.  Chronic fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, insomnia, reflux, anxiety, teeth grinding, and lack of growth were all resolved!!

Parasites are classified as microparasites and macroparasites.  Microparasites, such as malaria and Babesia (from ticks) live inside red blood cells.  Macro parasites are intestinal worms and flukes.  In fairness – we all have parasites – and they serve a purpose to some degree.  It’s when our internal balance is out of whack that the parasites can overload us and compromise our health. Your health begins in your gut – and when you have gut issues you will be more susceptible to parasites.  Why?  Because gut issues very often result in the stomach not being able to produce enough stomach acid – which is the first line of defense against parasites. This is a particular problem today when many people are prescribed proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec or Nexium further reducing their stomach acid – when most likely their digestive issues are due to too little stomach acid – not too much.

“Low stomach acidity – hypochlorhydria- impairs the digestion of food and allows all sorts of parasites through.  People with low stomach acid are prone to worm infestations and other parasites.” Dr. Natasha McBride, Gut & Psychology Syndrome.

While my family and I had all been treated for Lyme disease the improvements were temporary and everyone was still struggling.  I believe that parasites are an important and overlooked piece of the puzzle in treating Lyme disease.  I read somewhere that Babesia (from ticks) can impair the body’s ability to deal with intestinal worms.  This certainly seemed true for my family.

The most comprehensive overview of parasites that I have come across is in Kerri Rivera’s book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.  Although the book is geared towards autistic children – the premise being that autism is caused by an overload of pathogens – it has invaluable information on the symptoms and effects of parasites.

In Kerri Rivera’s book, she outlines some of the red flags to look for in blood work which may indicate a parasitic infection:

  • Anemia/low iron
  • Elevated IgE
  • Elevated eosinophils
  • High ammonia
  • High Oxalates
  • Low B12
  • Hypoglycemia

Some Parasite Symptoms

Symptoms caused by parasites are numerous and far reaching – below is a partial list of symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Gatrointestinal Symptoms including chronic diarrhea or constipation, reflux, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, – just to name a few
  • Mood problems and Anxiety (especially around the new and full moon when parasites migrate throughout the body
  • Muscle and joint pain: parasites can travel almost anywhere in the body including joints and muscles where they can cause cysts and inflammation.
  • Respiratory Disease: the passage of larvae (i.e. babesia) through the respiratory system may cause symptoms such as asthma, shortness of breath, chronic/irritative cough.
  • Skin Disorders and Allergies: internal parasites create toxic metabolic waste, because the skin is the largest organ, the body tries to eliminate them through it, resulting in many skin problems
  • Sleep disorders: parasites are most active at night making nocturnal awakenings common especially between 2 & 3 am when the liver tries to rid the body of toxins produced by parasites. The results in insomnia, teeth grinding, restless sleep, etc.


It is somewhat fascinating to note that parasites sync their life cycle with that of the lunar cycle. Many nematodes travel back into the intestine to mate at this time.  This is why many people’s symptoms are worse around the full moon – the parasites are active.  Coincidence or not that people tend to act crazier around the full moon?

Parasites excrete toxic waste including morphine, histamine and ammonia. Perhaps the most intriguing and yet disturbing thought is that seizures can be caused by parasites.  Dr. Andreas Kalcker has stated that high levels of ammonia in the body can cause seizures and the high levels of ammonia comes from parasites.  We experienced this first hand with my 23-year-old son – he blacked out twice – the first time the ER thought it was some type of seizure.  It turns out he was overrun with parasites!!!

People with parasites often have hiatel hernias caused by on overgrowth of pathogens in the stomach resulting in reflux and heartburn.  This certainly was true for my family with 3 of my children having hiatal hernias.  Although I have no proof – I believe that parasites were also the cause of appendicitis in myself and my son.


Where or How do you Get Parasites


People always ask me how or where they got parasites.  The answer is everywhere.  There are lots of different ways to get parasites.  From water, either drinking or swimming in contaminated water, food, pets, certain insects and even walking barefoot in certain areas.

For more information check out the parasitology website:

Why Hasn’t My Doctor Figured Out I Have Parasites


Most medical doctors use stool testing to diagnose for parasites (such as worms and flukes) which I think are useless.  In her book Kerri Rivera explains:  Lab tests need to find living worms or eggs. The eggs are only present certain days of the month, and even on those days they won’t necessarily be present in a particular stool sample.  Living worms are extremely rare in stool because they are generally passed only once they die.  They are very good at avoiding being excreted in stool.  Furthermore, if they die internally, they can be partially or fully digested within our bodies before being expelled.  Sounds crazy but you are better off sending a stool sample to a vet with a microscope.

While listening to an interview with Dr Klinghardt I was fascinated to hear his explanation of why parasites aren’t diagnosed in stool samples.  From his work in an infectious disease hospital in India he said it was common knowledge that you had 15 minutes from the time a stool sample was taken to detect parasites, egg, larvae etc.  Most parasites have an enzyme that will dissolve themselves if they are not in a good environment and know they are going to die after 15 minutes.  So you can see why the standard practice of taking a stool sample – and sending it to a lab – who looks at it 3-4 days later is not a valid test for parasites.

I have found Bio-Meridian testing to be the most accurate way to diagnose parasites.  The Bio-Meridian machine uses a sophisticated computer program to test acupuncture points in your body.  It has a database of 40,000 frequencies which will identify imbalances in your body including parasites.  To locate a practitioner near you contact International Health Technologies or call me.

Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis diagnoses parasites with AMA – Acupuncture Meridian Assessment – which in our experience has been accurate.

The Hansa Center in Wichita diagnoses parasites with bio-resonance scanning – which is a frequency based technique – and in our experience, has been accurate.

Dr. Haskell of Clear Health Centers also diagnoses parasites with and EAV bio-meridian device.


Treating Parasites


The question is do you need a medical diagnosis to be treated for parasites?  I don’t think so.  If you think about it our pets are dewormed on a regular basis – in fact most animals are.  Wouldn’t it then make sense to incorporate a parasite protocol into your health regimen either once or twice a year.

There are several approaches to treating parasites: homeopathics, herbal and pharmaceutical and Bravo Yogurt.  There are many anti-parasitic herbal kits and natural supplements on the market to choose from.  From my experience, I would say that herbals are good for a recent parasitic infection or as general maintenance and prevention. For long standing or chronic infections pharmaceuticals can be much more effective.

Herbal Options for Parasites

  • Para1 by Cellcore (available online)
  • Nexus (artemisinin & garlic suppository)
  • Wormwood, Black Walnut and Artemisinin (
  • Diatomaceous Earth

Antibacterial Teas may help with die-off reaction. When worms are killed they release bacteria which can make you feel really lousy.  These teas are recommended by Hulda Clark and may help: Eucalyptus, Reishi mushroom, Tumeric, Fennel & Burdock.

Bravo Probiotic Yogurt

Bravo yogurt may prove to be a simple and elegant solution to parasites and candida.  The yogurt contains over 40 strains of probiotics which will establish a healthy microbiome in your gut eventually crowding out the bad guys such as parasites.  It would be most effective used orally and administered in an enema when dealing with parasites. (see gut section for more information)  Watch you tube video

Pharmaceuticals for Parasites

If for whatever reason you are unable to get a prescription for parasite meds – there are several websites where you can buy them online without a prescription.  You may want to follow the lunar calendar for any parasite regimen as explained in the Kalcker protocol starting several days before the full moon.  Some of the pharmaceuticals are

  • Mebendazole – worms
  • Pyrantel Pamoate/Combantrin  – worms
  • Ivermectin – broad spectrum anti-parasitic for worms and protozoa
  • Praziqauntel – flukes, tapeworms

Kalcker Parasite Protocol

This parasite protocol was developed by Dr. Andreas Kalcker in conjunction with Kerri Rivera.  The protocol uses Mebendazole for 18 days a month – beginning 3 days before the full moon.  Mebendazole is non-systemic and well tolerated and this protocol is typically followed for at least 6 months.  This is very effective against worms.


Nobody likes to hear it – but enemas and/or colonics are an important part of parasite cleansing.  Once the parasites die – it is important to get them out as quickly as possible – this will ease the die-off reaction.  You can do coffee enemas, baking soda and salt, or Bravo yogurt enemas. Enema buckets can be purchased on  Select the Pic Open-Top Enema Bag Kit.

Liver Cleanse

It is really helpful to do a liver cleanse after doing a parasite cleanse.  See Dr. Yu Liver cleanse handout.

Websites to purchase parasite medication:

All Day Chemist:

Thai Pharmacy:

Patient website with great information:

This website was developed by a former patient of Dr. Yu’s.  It has a ton a great information regarding parasites, how to test for them and treat them.


Video of Liver Massage

In this video Dr. Klinghardt demonstrates how to do a liver massage to help eliminate parasites:  Just google Dr. Klinghardt liver compression technique.

Pictures of Parasites

Not for the faint of heart – but very helpful nonetheless- if you think you have a parasitic infection – and want to identify what type of parasite it is.

  • This website will show what worms and flukes look like:

  • This is Dr Andeas Kalcker’s website. It has some photos and great information.