I know what your thinking.  Everyone’s initial response to even the suggestion of doing an enema is the same –NO WAY.  Just hearing the word makes people cringe.  Well is something you are just going to have to wrap your head around – because it is such a powerful detox therapy – and necessary for anyone dealing with digestive issues and parasites.

Coffee Enema

Coffee enemas have been used as a healing remedy for the last 100 years.  They are considered one of the best ways of cleansing the liver and speeding up detoxification processes in the body. Coffee has substances that cleanse your liver and speed up its ability to filter your blood, so our blood gets “cleaner” as a result.  Coffee enemas are also very effective for migraines – for it is toxicity coming out of the bowels that causes headaches.  For the best result the coffee needs to be held in the bowel for 15 minutes which is why coffee enemas are optimally done on an empty bowel.  To make sure your bowel is empty it may be helpful to do a cleansing enema first.

Cleansing Enema  

Use 1 teaspoon of natural salt and and 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in 1 liter of  warm distilled water. (The salt will bring the mineral content of the water to a more natural balance for the body and the bicarbonate of soda will provide alkaline PH and help to bring yeast overgrowth down.

Lie down on right side with knees brought up to tummy.  Let water into the bowel – gently massage abdomen – then release bowel.  You can repeat this procedure 2-4 times until the water starts to come out looking clean which means the bowel is empty. You can now do the coffee enema.

Coffee Enema Recipe

Use 3 heaping tablespoons of coffee (made specifically for enemas) with 4 cups of distilled water. Boil coffee and water on stove for 5 minutes. Put lid on – steep for 15 minutes. Strain water (to remove coffee grinds) and cool down to body temperature.  Fill enema bucket with coffee.  Let any air out of enema tube, lubricate with oil (coconut, olive, etc) lie on right side.  Hold 15 minutes if possible – release into toilet.  You can purchase coffee made specifically for enemas online  www.sawilsons.com

Enemas with Garlic for parasites

These are helpful for expelling worms and bringing candida down. Start with 1/3 of a small clove of fresh garlic in 4 cups of warm distilled water, strain

Colon Hydrotherapy – Colonics

Colonics are a great and powerful detox method.  One colonic is equivalent to 28 enemas.  A colonic cleans the entire 5 feet of colon removing waste, toxins and bad bacteria- thereby strengthening the immune system.  If you are dealing with parasites always try to schedule a colonic around the full or new moon.  Contact Rosie Matchette at the Colon Care Center in Overland Park.  www.rosiematchette.com

Colon Reflorestation

Colon reflorestation is the introduction of a healthy intestinal bacteria supplement into the rectum via a retention enema. It is an incredibly effective way to introduce probiotics directly to the colon where they are needed – and best done after an enema or colonic.  This delivery method bypasses the natural destruction of probiotics from stomach acids that occurs when orally ingested.  According to Victoria Bowman many people report an improvement in bowel function, including chronic constipation within 3 days of these infusions.   It has given relief to irritable bowel problems reducing pain and bloating.  The kits contain a proprietary blend of colon probiotics formulated to balance and enhance the natural healthy intestinal flora of the colon.

To purchase go to  www.myrealhealth.com  – click on products on the left side.  You can purchase in bulk for a discount.  Call Victoria Bowman directly for more info: 602-971-8392.