Detox Baths

Nothing feels better after a long day than a good soak in a hot tub.  Baths are a great way to detox – our skin being our largest detox organ. Baths can also help to normalize the pH of our skin and encourage appropriate skin flora. In addition to the options listed below you can also use apple cider vinegar and baking soda – it always good to rotate.

Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt baths are an inexpensive way to detox and have many health benefits.  When you bath in Epsom salt your body absorbs sulphur and magnesium through skin, while toxins are being pulled out. Magnesium plays a critical role in over 325 enzymes, helps with inflammation, sore muscles and blood flow.  You can up the detox benefits of an Epsom salt bath by adding Hydrogen Peroxide – 2 parts Epsom salt – 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide.  Take it a step further by adding either ginger or cayenne to increase your heat levels which means you sweat out more toxins.  Fun fact: Epsom salts are named after a spring located at Epsom in Surrey, England.  I buy Dr. Teals Epsom salts in bulk at Costco.


Seaweed Baths

Seaweed has many powerful and natural healing properties. This powdered seaweed clears the skin of rashes, dryness and itchy skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, while stimulating the lymphatic system.  It can also be used for aches and pains and some people have found it helpful for arthritis.  The Aalgo seaweed bath is organic and pure – and believe me you will feel like you are in the ocean.  The seaweed smell is potent and you will have to clean the tub of residue after – but it’s worth it.  You can also use the seaweed for foot baths, face masks, etc

Aalgo Organic Seaweed Bath:  (can order on amazon as well)


Bentonite Clay Baths

This is a great clay bath – it takes a little more time to prepare than an Epsom salt bath – and you will have to clean the tub after – but again it’s worth it. I think it is incredibly effective for anyone trying to detox from heavy metals.  Bentonite clay is sedimentary clay composed of weathered and aged volcanic ash.  Bentonites are known as healing clays used for detoxing, cleansing and drawing out impurities.  When taking a clay bath the warm water opens up the pores of the skin allowing the clay to clear out impurities – including metals and chemicals – from the surface tissue of the body.

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