Biomerdian Testing, also known as Electrodermal Screening or EDS is the use of technologies to measure the body’s energy to find imbalances and potential problem areas.  It is also widely known as Bio-Energetic Stress Testing. This technique measures the flow of energy, or more specifically the resistance to the flow of electrons in a person through their skin.

This is done by testing acupuncture points on a person’s body with a small probe, electrode or stylus connected to a specialized computer or computerized machine.

Acupuncturists describe these areas on the body as meridians. In acupuncture, these meridians are related to each primary organ in the body and along these lines that connect each meridian are hundreds of possible acupuncture points (Some say there are over 1000 acupuncture points).

These points are important when considering where the EDS is used and can be essential for the acupuncturist and patient in finding the best places on the body for treatment and where additional treatment may be needed.

When energy flows through these meridians, the body is considered to be in balance and healthy. It is the abnormalities or imperfections in this energy that Electrodermal Screening looks for. Traditionally, acupuncture or other herbal remedies would be administered afterward.

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This questionnaire can help you determine whether or not bio meridian testing is for you:


  • Have you had health issues which no doctor has been able to figure out?
  • Have you gone to multiple doctors looking for answers only to be told that your bloodwork looks fine – BUT you don’t feel fine?
  • Have you ever had or think you have Lyme disease but your lab tests came back negative?
  • Have you had a positive Lyme test, been treated with antibiotics – but still don’t feel well?
  • Have you had a lot of dental work including root canals, implants, bridges?
  • Do you have chronic gut issues of any kind including irritable bowel, ISBO, Crohns disease, etc?
  • Have you traveled out of the country and had symptoms after that?
  • Have you been tested for parasites by stool sample but the results came back negative?
  • Have you been told that since no doctor can find anything wrong that your symptoms are psychological – or all in your head?
  • For children – have they been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc?
  • Do you want to get to the root cause of your health issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions – then bio meridian testing is for you.